How to do a Rope Braid

When I was thinking about what I was going to do for my first post, a hair tutorial kind of popped into my mind. I figured it would be easy enough for never having taken step-by-step hairstyle photos before. (Taking pictures with both hands occupied isn’t the easiest thing ever, btw) So, after about 2 days worth of thinking, I finally decided on doing a rope braid. It’s a very easy yet pretty braid that you could wear in a ponytail,(as shown) as a side braid, or twist it up into a bun. Let’s get into the tutorial!

1234 1. Secure hair into a ponytail (Or you could skip this step and just do a regular braid)

2. Split your hair into 2 equal sections

3. Twist both sections to the right

4. While keeping both sections twisted, cross the right section over the left section.

5. Repeat step 4 all the way down your hair, twisting the strands to the right as necessary.

Here’s the finished braid:

rope braidThere should be another post by Saturday. Hope you liked the tutorial!

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