DIY rainforest corner

Today is going to be a fairly long post. I’m going to show you how to create a rainforest corner. Its a fun project made almost completely out of paper. I took pictures as we went along,(It was hard to take because of where it was made also) so bear with me.

The Grass And Tree
You’ll need:
2-3 pieces of green construction paper
A stack of brown paper
Masking tape

For the tree, tape brown pieces of paper right next to each other vertically in the corner (or on the wall) until you’ve reached the height you want your tree to be.
Cut a couple of brown pieces of paper in half the long way, then, starting on the tree, tape them going outward so that they look like branches.

For the grass, cut all the green paper in half the long way, cut slits into one side of each half, then tape onto the wall at the base of the tree.


The Vines
You’ll need:
Brown wrapping paper

Cut off skinnyish pieces of wrapping paper, crumple them up, then tack them to the tree in any way you want.
rainforest vines
The Leaves
You’ll need:
A stack of green construction paper
A pencil or marker
Tacks or masking tape

Draw a leaf shape on the top piece of paper.
Rainforest leaf

Cut out the leaf on all of the paper. (I cut all of the paper at once, but it might be easier to cut sections at a time)

It should turn out something like this:
rainfores leaf cut

Tack or tape all of the leaves up onto the tree.

If you want it looking more rainforest-like, try to place them as the emergent layer and canopy as shown below.

The Snakes
You’ll need:
1 paper plate per snake
Green paint
A makeup sponge or paintbrush
1 tiny piece of red paper
Googly eyes

Paint the paper plate green with a makeup sponge. (or paintbrush)

Wait for it to dry, then cut the plate in a spiral.
Rainforest snake cut

Cut the tongue out of the red paper, then glue the googly eyes and tongue onto the snakes head.(Its in the middle) It should look something like this:
snakerainforest snake

Wrap the snakes around the vines.

The Monkeys And Poison Dart Frog
You’ll need:
Monkey printable
An origami frog
Masking tape

For the monkey, we just printed out the printable and hooked their tails onto the vines and tacks.

For the poison dart frog, follow the instructions in the link above, draw red eyes on it, then tape it to any part of the tree you’d like.
tree frog

The Birds
You’ll need:
1 piece of blue card stock
A pencil or marker
2 small pieces of orange paper
Googly eyes
Fake feathers
A child’s feet
Masking tape

Have the child stand on the blue card stock with both feet while their shoes are on,(or trace over their toes) trace their feet, then cut them out.
Cut the beak and claws out of the orange paper, then glue them onto child’s heel (head) and toes (tail) along with the fake feathers and 1 googly eye per bird.
Tape the birds up onto the branches.

The Cheetah
What you’ll need:
1 long piece of paper
A pencil or marker
Yellow, orange, and black paint
A paintbrush
A makeup sponge
1 big googly eye
Masking tape

Draw the cheetah onto a piece of paper,(Instructions here) paint the whole thing with yellow and orange paint mixed together.(you don’t need very much orange) Wait for it to dry, add the black spots with a makeup sponge, then glue the googly eye onto its head.

Cut it out.
Cheetah tail

Tape it to the wall with it’s feet behind the grass.

Your Done Making The Rainforest!

The Emergent layer:


The Canopy:

The Understory:

The forest floor: (My puppy got in the way of it, but hey, she’s cute)

The whole thing:

rainforest corner

I hope you liked this post!

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