Banana, peanut butter, and chocolate chip toast

That’s kind of a mouthful. Anyhow…This is one of my favorite breakfast recipes. Sweet. Quick. Easy. Perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, but I think you get the point. šŸ˜‰
Here’s a visual:

Now I’ll break it down into pieces:

You’ll need:
1/2-1 banana
Peanut butter
Chocolate chips
A toaster
A butter knife
Cinnamon sugar (optional)

Put your bread into the toaster, and toast it to your liking.

Spread on the peanut butter.

Cut the banana into small slices and place them onto your toast.

Finally, sprinkle on the chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar, and your done!

See, wasn’t that easy? You can find a recipe for iced coffee to go with your toast here.

Check back on Thursday for another post!
Frugal crafty home blog hop #117

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