How To Do A Single Crochet + Extra| Crafty Crochet Thursday

Finally, a week late, I’ll show you how to do a single crochet! First off, we’ll chain 15. (how to do a chain stitch here)
Remember to start crocheting in the second chain from the hook:

Chain stitch for single crochet

Insert your hook into that second chain and yarn over:
First yarn over

Pull the yarn through the first loop ONLY:
Pull yarn through. Sc.

Now yarn over again:
Yarn over

This time, pull the yarn through both loops, and repeat the steps in each chain across, starting with the one right next to the single crochet you just made. Once you’ve gone all the way across, you’ve made a row of single crochet.

To start another row, just chain 1 and flip your piece over. It won’t look like a chain anymore, so this time you’re going to insert your hook into the two loops that are paired up at the very top. (sorry if this sounds confusing , I can’t think of another way to explain it :-/ ):
Insert hook
You’ve now completed 2 rows of single crochet!:
Finished single crochet

Now there’s extra: How to count chains and identify single crochet rows
So,there are 2 ways that I count chains. The first one is by the bumps. If you flip a row of chains over, you’ll see bumps going down the center. I’ve pointed a bump out and numbered them for you as an example 😉 :
How to count crochet chains
How to count chains
However many bumps there are on the back is how many chains you’ve made.

The second way I count chains is just by counting how many loops there are. (again, an example):
Chain loops
Numbered chain loops
However many loops you count is how many chains you’ve made.

You can tell a single crochet because it has 1 bar going across and a V shape below. (on the front) I count single crochet rows by looking at the first bar with a V, then I move up diagonally. Once you move up you’ll see a bar, but this time the V will look like it’s upside down. This is the second row. Baicially, just keep going diagonally up, looking at the bar and the ‘V’ until you’ve counted what you needed to. (each bar and ‘V’, upside down or right side up, is another row of single crochet)
How to tell a single crochet apart
I think that’s it! I’m sorry if any of this was confusing! I’ll try to take  more pictures next time!
How to do a single crochet
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