I’m Taking 100 Days Of Mini Pledges!

Starting tomorrow morning, my mom and I are taking the 14 weeks of “Real Food” mini-pledges! This was created by Lisa Leake at 100 Days Of Real Food. I’m going to post every meal I’ve had the end of each day so that I have more accountability. Since the first week is to add 2 fruits and/or veggies per meal, I’m not really changing anything else until the next week. (I’ll probably end up posting not so real food for the time being) At the end of the 14 week challenge,(I don’t know if its actually a challenge, but calling it that makes me more motivated 😀 ) I’m going to take one picture of a meal from each week of the challenge and put them all in 1 post so that you guys (and me) can see how my meals have changed throughout the 14 weeks! I definitely invite you to take this challenge!
See you tomorrow!
Do you think you might take “100 Days Of Real Food”?

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