I’m stopping the real food challenge?! (updated)

So, I’m sad and happy to say I’m stopping the real food challenge. 😮 We think I might have an allergy to one of the main food allergens. So starting today I’m cutting gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and peanuts completely out of my diet. (well, for 21 days that is) after the 21 days are up I’m going to, one at a time, slowly add one of the foods  to my diet again to see if it’s what’s bothering my digestive system.
I’ll post about my 21 day journey when I can!

God bless!
We’re now pretty sure that either dairy or sugar is the problem. So I’ve added back in everything else. I don’t know how well I’ll do if it’s dairy. (no cheese!!)

4 thoughts on “I’m stopping the real food challenge?! (updated)

  1. Oh! I’m so sorry you have some allergies! I am gluten intolerant also and it is no fun at first! Gluten gives me tremors in my hands and some other problems. But really if you are actually gluten intolerant and you continue eating gluten, it could turn into a full blow celiac disease where you can’t have ANY gluten, dairy, etc. Here is a blog by someone who had just gluten intolerance and it turned into celiac disease….
    Sorry to sound like I am nagging you 🙂 lol But I know what can happen….

    Oh!!! And I almost forgot! If you are allergic to milk, you should try goat milk. And yes I know goat milk has a bad rap because of the taste – but we have found that Nigerian Dwarf goats five AMAZING milk – you wouldn’t know it wasn’t cow’s milk! They just have to be on organic hay and grain – and been keep in decent health – but really they are great milk producers! 🙂

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