How to do a double crochet | Crafty Crochet Thursday

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a crochet tutorial. Like, a long time. So today I’m starting again! We left off last time with a half double crochet. So this week is a double crochet!
I’ll be doing something a little bit different this week. …Read More

How I organized my nail polish box

This post is just going to be about how I organized my nail polish box. Even though it’s not super organized, I can actually find things now, and to tell the truth, I think that the after looks a lot better than the before. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This may or may not help you, but if you’d like to see exactly what I did, keep on reading. …Read More

DIY Headband Holder (Out Of A Clorox Container!)

DIY headband holder
How are you? I am organizing bathroom hair supplies! (fine, maybe the exclamation point was a bit of an exaggeration) Anyways, I have 2 smallish bins of cluttered, tangled, hair stuff, and am trying to figure out how to organize all of them. I’ve decided I’m going to post (or try to post) each thing I am doing to organize them, starting with headbands. Without further interruption, here is how to make a headband holder out of a Clorox container. Read More

How To Finish Off In Crochet | Crafty Crochet Thursday

How to finish off in crochet

I know its been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. ๐Ÿ˜› Today I’m showing you how to finish off your crochet projects, because I thought it might be helpful to you.
I’ve started by crocheting 2 rows of half double crochet, (coming next week) then cut off the end of the yarn, leaving a few inches to work with. Read More

How To Do A Single Crochet + Extra| Crafty Crochet Thursday

How to do a single crochet-Concealed Foundation

Finally, a week late, I’ll show you how to do a single crochet! First off, we’ll chain 15. (how to do a chain stitch here)
Remember to start crocheting in the second chain from the hook:
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How To Do A Slip Knot + A Chain Stitch| Crafty Crochet Thursday

How to do a chain stitch

Now we’re on the second week, which actually includes crocheting! Yay! (first post here) Okay, I guess this week is more like crafty crochetย Friday.(But hey, I’m only a day late) This time we’ll learn how to do a slip knot and a chain stitch. These are things you MUST know for crochet. A slip knot is how you attach your hook to the Read More

Crochet supplies + How to hold your yarn| Crafty crochet Thursday

Since this is the first crochet post, I’ll start with what supplies you’ll need, and I’ll show you a common way to hold your yarn.

Supplies you’ll need
Basic crochet supplies Read More

Crafty Crochet Thursday

Crafty Crochet Thursday

So, I’ll be teaching the basics of crochet! I’ll be teaching stuff like how to hold your yarn, make a slip knot, do a chain stitch, single crochet, etc. I’ll post something to do with crochet every Thursday! We’ll call it crafty crochet Thursday. (good enough) Come back this Thursday for the first crochet post!

Saint patrick’s day print out

Starting now, I’ll try to do at least 2 Saint Patrick’s day posts a week. To start off I’ll give you a printable to do whatever you want with. Some ideas: You could put it in a frame as a decoration, glue it on cardboard and cut it to make a kid’s puzzle, or use it as a really big card to give to someone. Read More