Basic explanation of the no shampoo method


Today I’ll be doing a basic explanation of the “no poo” method. I’m basically sharing the basics of what I know about the no shampoo method. I’m most definitely not an expert, though I have done quite a bit of research on this topic.
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DIY Honey Shampoo

DIY honey shampoo

Today I’ll be giving you a “recipe” for honey shampoo. This shampoo also replaces conditioner so there really is no need for extra conditioning in the shower.

If you’ve already been using the “no poo” method, there should be (if any) a very little transition period. If you haven’t been using the “no poo” method, then you more than likely will have one.(I’ll talk more about transition periods and the “no poo” method in another post)

I loved the baking soda and vinegar thing, I just think this hair wash is easier. Here’s the “recipe”: Read More