Quick Jamberry nails review

I’m finally on the Jamberry Nails review! I hope that this will help some of you decide whether or not you would like to get them. Note: this is a quick review.

jamberry nails

The Jamberry nails came in packets like the ones above. The patterns shown (from left to right) are Kiss Me Ombre, Love Spell, Carnival, and Heart Attack.

The image below is all that comes in the packet:

Jamberry nails review
I applied them following the instructions step by step, the application (I think) was easy, and they turned out like this (sorry about the lighting, it was all that I had ;-):

They had stayed on quite firmly for the first day…until I took a shower. They all fell off. I’m guessing that it was because I take showers that are quite hot.

Conclusion- Overall I would say a very good product. I would just advise taking cooler showers. I will try that next time when they’re on, then I’ll give you an update on how long they last.

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